Historically, I’ve had far more confidence in my writing than in my art. My best friend in elementary school was an amazing artist, and comparing my beginning attempts to her polished skill sort of nipped my artistic ambition in the bud.

Thank God, it grew back. In fact, it grew back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (which would be weird for a flower, but is quite common for artistic ambitions).

My art is … eclectic. Hm. How to explain?

Two major factors influence my art:

  1. I use art primarily to support my desire to communicate (feelings, stories, concepts)
  2. I tend to emulate art I like and which I feel effectively expresses something
  3. I like quick results, so I tend towards art forms that don’t require a ton of time

Yes, I know. That’s three factors. Thus illustrating my natural artist’s eschewal of math. Ha!


You can see more of my graphic design side in my design portfolio over on CreativeWebGuru.com. That’s the “serious stuff”, where I use art to support business communications. A little logo design, a few print marketing materials, and a lot of web design graphics.

You’ll find most of my “fun art” is more along the lines of illustration. More like tattoo art and comic books. Not much of fine art or realistic representation. I like to sketch. Doodle. Illustrate stories and play with movie storyboards. A bunch of graphic design stuff happens for clients and sometimes leaks over into my personal projects.

And as much as I want to finish a couple of graphic novels (aka manga), I’m still not sure whether I have the patience to draw it all myself or whether I’ll write it and partner with a compatible artist for the visuals. Shall we find out together? Stick around, and we will!

(I hope you do!)