Much of the value that I bring as a consultant and speaker I cannot take credit for. At some point in the process between being formed in my mother’s womb and taking my first office job, I was given the ability to understand technical topics and make them clear to normal people.

Oh — sorry about that.

CEO’s and artists don’t generally like to be called “normal”, so let’s say I translate technical topics into the language of extraordinary people who are too busy being experts in their field to deal with the learning curve of certain necessary technology.

I have experience in a variety of venues: phone and in-person consulting, corporate classes and seminars, multi-session community classes or single workshops, and event speaking (association and professional conferences, etc). I’m not intimidated by the gruffest of VIPs and can put the most timid and reluctant user of technology at ease.

Well, on a good day. If you catch me off-guard you might get my Mom-voice, which occasionally causes the basil plants to tremble in their pots.