Yeah, I know. What IS that? Am I some kind of Christian Scientist?

Uh, no. NO, no, no, really — no.

*chuckle* I’m sorry, I probably shouldn’t start out a page about spirituality with a joke, but hey. This is me. And when I say “me”, I mean it’s the girl who believes too firmly in Jesus for the liberals and whose mind is too open to the mysteries of the spirit world for the fundamentalists.

If there’s any one thing I ask of you when it comes to the topic of my spiritual beliefs, it’s this: Assume nothing. Ask me, talk to me, argue your points with me. Know me. Then decide what you think about me and whether you want to hang out. Heh. That’s something I have in common with my Jesus.

Don’t assume you know Him just because somebody told you about Him or you read something in a book somewhere. Talk to Him. Get to know Him. Ask Him. Pour out your heart and tell Him all the things you blame Him for. After you’ve gotten to know Him and heard the answers directly from Him — THEN decide whether you want to hang out with Him. At least then you’re making an informed decision! (By the way, if nobody ever explained to you that Jesus is a real, living being and that you can actually communicate with Him, then you’re missing out!)

I say “spiritual physicist” because I believe there are laws that govern the spiritual, invisible aspect of the universe — the supernatural realm — just like there are laws of physics that govern how things work in the natural realm. I believe people are physical, but they are also spiritual. And the two are interconnected. The supernatural realm impacts the natural world around us all the time, influencing events and outcomes all the time. This fascinates me, and I spend a good amount of time experimenting and exploring the realm of the supernatural and how it intersects with everything around me. And in me.

Ever heard anyone talk about God this way? Does it make you uncomfortable? Maybe pique your curiosity?

Leave a comment and tell me about your background and how you feel about spiritual and supernatural things. I may not post them all, but I’ll read and reply to every one!