Around 1994 I started dating a funny little piece of technology called “online help.” Some of you may remember him. Online help had this feature I was irresistibly attracted to: hyperlinks.

Online help an I might have had a long and lovely relationship, except that the World Wide Web arrived in all his HTML glory and swept me off my feet. After a whirlwind romance, a few choose-your-own-adventure hypertext stories, and a web comic, the Web and I settled into a more mundane relationship. While I’d never call it platonic, much of my passion over the past 15+ years has been directed towards helping others with their web publishing projects, rather than birthing my own.

Authors, artists, politicians, lawyers and small business owners have all found their way into my clientele. I have designed and built hundreds of websites, written copy, created supporting graphics and marketing materials, placed sites at the top of the search engines for their keywords and taught people how to navigate the world of Internet marketing. Call it web design or development, web marketing or publishing, it all boils down to one thing: Putting your business — your content, your products and services — out where people can find you, understand you and interact with you online.

For more information, see, my web design and publishing services site.

UPDATE (March 2013): While I am still helping a few long-time clients, I have begun transitioning more of my time to some publishing projects of my own. As these websites are launched, I will share more about them here on my home site. It is slow-going, as I have many other time commitments. But I am excited about producing my own content: Fiction, non-fiction, illustration, comics and any other creative way I can share this never-ending flow of living water that springs from my heart.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the Web and I are pretty much in the “happily ever after” stage.

Although I do think that Mobile guy is pretty cool…