When I think about myself outside the creative and professional roles that are typically about “producing something”, I still find myself in certain roles. And they are important ones. The Most Important ones.

I am a woman, created as a child of God who longs for relationship with my Creator.

Early on in life, I married Ted Deppner, and in that commitment to a lifelong partnership have found a great friend, mentor, protector and lots of other stuff I’m not going to tell you about. Life is good with a good man by your side.

I didn’t quite believe it until I tried it myself, but becoming a mom definitely changes you. I’m still processing those changes and sorting through them to locate the things I want to keep and the baggage that I want to toss. Motherhood is an awesome strength, if you embrace it and manage it in a proper context.

And then, there’s everyone else in my life — childhood friends, clients who have become friends, friends who have become clients, people I met at the bus stop and on the train and at school and in church and at the bookstore and at conferences who have become friends. Ah, amigos! (Say it like, “Ah, amore!”)

In a way, I’m less eloquent on this page than any other page about me, and yet it speaks of the most profound relationships I have in life. Maybe someday I’ll have words for it.