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By Jspeed1310 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
6 Social Media Survival Tips: Staying Sane in a Toxic Online Environment

This fall and winter I’ve heard more friends talk about social media pain than ever before. Unfriending over politics isn’t new. Long before friendships went online, there was a long-standing social rule (in some circles) about not talking politics or religion. At least not at social gatherings that were intended to remain pleasant. But online […]

Dogfights Outside My Window

   There were dogfights in the air outside my window this morning. Apparently, hanging out a hummingbird feeder is the catalyst for war. Hummingbird war. #bestintentions #unintendedconsequences Your Turn Have you ever done something nice that caused a stir? Chime in below!

Are You Green? Or Yellow?

What was your first thought when you read the title of this post? Green, as in jealous? Yellow, as in cowardly? That’s not what I’m talking about. Yep. I’m talking about sponges. You see, when I grab the sponge at my sink and start washing a cup or a dish, I go straight for the green side. […]

Pet Oceans

My stuffed crab with her pet oceans. Yes, those little bottles contain actual sea water from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Harvested a splash of the Pacific from Santa Cruz, CA, and a swig of the Atlantic from a beach on Tybee Island, GA. Just thought you should know, in case something like this shows up […]

Divergent movie poster
Is Christianity fundamentally at odds with speculative fiction?

I came across an article that made the indirect point that religious readers want stories that reinforce their belief systems, and several elements of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc) are at odds with that. In his post Religion in Fiction, David Farland recounts his experience with a writer who wrote a science fiction story for the Mormon market. […]

Reaching towards the light
Hack and slash — for a better life?

A guest post from J. R. Blansett, editor and story collaborator extraordinaire. I got all active the day before yesterday and tackled my plants. With a knife. For real. Whacked some in half, whacked off the bottom third, ripped chunks of plants apart, then re-potted the little guys. They look good now. It’s been said […]