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Windows Shut down
Tech Fix: When Windows is so far behind on updates that it won’t update anymore

I know that most people subscribed to my blog don’t care about this issue. I’m glad they don’t, because it’s not something I’d wish on anyone! Which is why I’m going to publish this fix, because if it helps someone else (like my post on how to make Scrivener display properly on high-res laptops did), then it’s […] > Your Account > Download Order Reports
How To Reconcile Orders with Credit Card Charges

I’m the type who reviews my credit card statements and reconciles them with my receipts and online orders. Occasionally I run into puzzling issues and end up calling the vendor or credit card company to verify, clarify or challenge a mysterious charge on my bill. However, I hate wasting time on a customer service call (or chat), and would much […]

Scrivener by Literature and Latte
Scrivener for Windows updated to handle high-resolution displays

November of last year, I posted instructions on how to fix the display issues I encountered with Scrivener for Windows on my Lenovo Yoga 2 high-res display screen. The fix was such a relief for those of us who found the icons so tiny as to be unusable on those screens. I’m super happy to […]

Hot Tip: How to make Scrivener’s display work on high-res screens like Lenovo laptops

It’s difficult to express how excited I am to share this fix. I realize that it will only be useful to a small number of people in the world, but for those few, those frustrated few — may it bring them the same joy it gave me. The Problem A while ago, I bought a […]

How to compress video files for online use (reduce file size)

It all started when birds built a nest under the eaves outside our kitchen door. Next came the photographs, then the purchase of a “snake camera”, and finally gigabytes and gigabytes of video footage. It wasn’t long before my laptop couldn’t hold any more video files. The hard drive was filling up! I needed to find a […]

“Evergreen Content” – Myth or Reality?

There’s a company called “Curata” that puts out some excellent data on the topic of content marketing. Their article Evergreen Content: How to Choose the Best Blog Topics by Sujan Patel (@sujanpatel) was too good to keep to myself. Content Marketing? I’m Not a Business, I’m a _______ Whether you’re an artist, photographer, author, filmmaker, retail store […]