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Web Publishing Advice from Teddi Deppner? Who’s She?

Sure, I understand. I feel the same way. There are a million million voices talking about online marketing and web publishing and e-publishing out there. Why listen to me? Street Creds I’ve been online for a long time. Had email back in the early ’90s. Made my own websites from scratch (learned HTML and such) […]


Sorry, folks. Got an malware problem on my site and have other “real life” activities that take priority over fixing it. Just a quick note in case you find PHP errors scattered around the site. Ugh! Will fix as soon as I have some hours to put towards it.

Open Question: Ratings on outbound links?

Many of my readers are Christians. Christians can be a challenging group to write to, because they’re not actually one group. They are many groups, and widely diverse. Some Christians pretty much demand everything to be G-rated. Always. Other Christians’ tastes don’t seem much different from non-Christians’, as far as entertainment and media content goes. […]

Just re-launched!

Welcome! I just re-launched this month. Now running on WordPress with a new design and getting linked up with my social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.There’s still some content to be re-added, so if anything seems missing, don’t panic. Just drop me a note and I’ll swing it up to the top of […]