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Done: #SpecFicCollective Author Marketing Website

Sometimes I get so busy doing things I forget that part of the reason this website exists is to share with my friends what I’m doing! After Realm Makers in August, I was re-inspired to get moving on my vision for the #SpecFicCollective — a virtual community of speculative fiction authors who work together to […]

Answering the question “What is speculative fiction?”

New website launched Hey, friends! My latest finished project is a simple website designed to answer the question, “What is speculative fiction?”  Whenever I talk about the movies I like or the stories I write, I use this term “speculative fiction” and many people give me a blank look. Has this ever happened to you? […]

Story Release: The Author Collector

I suppose most people would announce the release of an ebook on the day it actually came out, but I’ve never been one for following the crowd. Given that my marketing plan as an indie author involves writing a lot more before I focus on promoting my work, the release of my first story was […]

Self-Publishing: Where I am, Where I’m Going

Santa Cruz, California. I was at a family vacation and something of a personal writing retreat when I came across Kristen Lamb’s article, “Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors.” An excellent article and a good checklist for those considering or in the process of self-publishing. Her post got me thinking about where I’m at. In the […]

Illustration: In the Midst of the Storm

Someone dear to me asked me if I could do a sketch for them. They described it like this: I really liked that last part: “Holding the mast like on the cover of the musical, ‘Singing in the Rain’.” So I looked it up on Google Images and found this: And so it begins. A […]

“What do you write?”

I’m attending a writing conference this weekend. There’s a question that writers ask each other, especially when meeting someone new at a conference. “What do you write?” For some reason, despite the years of hearing this question, it still leaves me feeling like a deer in the headlights. Shouldn’t this be an easy question to […]