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Why I’m doing NaNoWriMo after all — test driving a new set of tools

I’ve been on the fence about doing NaNoWriMo this year (that’s National Novel Writing Month, and it’s coming up in November). From the conversations I’ve had with writer peeps, I’m not the only one. Who has time for it? Who happens to have a story idea researched, outlined and ready to go? There are so […]

UPS brought me a book from the future

You didn’t know those big brown delivery trucks could do that, did you? Neither did I! But sure enough, this book is from the future. I checked the copyright date. Okay, okay… If you think something fishy is going on, you’re right. More of a sea mammal than a fish, but it smells fishy, anyway. I was already […]

How to compress video files for online use (reduce file size)

It all started when birds built a nest under the eaves outside our kitchen door. Next came the photographs, then the purchase of a “snake camera”, and finally gigabytes and gigabytes of video footage. It wasn’t long before my laptop couldn’t hold any more video files. The hard drive was filling up! I needed to find a […]

Limited Time: Time Travel Story Bundle (and a marketing idea)

First, the Vital Stats The Time Travel Story Bundle has a variable price. Pay at least $5: Get 6 titles Pay $14 or more: Get 12 titles (including a favorite of mine by Stant Litore!) If you are bargain savvy, and enjoy sci-fi, this is the kind of deal that will stretch your book dollars and […]

Super Structure by James Scott Bell
New Addition for Your Writing Library by James Scott Bell

James Scott Bell is one of the few authors that I collect. While I enjoy his fiction, I especially watch for his how-to books on the writing craft. He’s done his homework, put in the years, tested the waters — you name the metaphor, he’s got it under his belt. (Ha!) Book Review: “Super Structure: […]

7 Reasons to Support the Enclave Publishing Kickstarter

Why I decided to support the Enclave Publishing 2014 Fall Releases Kickstarter campaign — and why I think you should, too.