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Bring me your dead darlings and I will give them eternal life
Bring me your dead darlings

We’ve heard it so many times, that quote from Stephen King: Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings. Well, today I’m here to offer those beautiful little bits of writing a second chance at life. And not just life, but life everlasting. Well, as […]

Flash Fiction Endings

In my role as Splickety’s associate acquisitions editor, today I’m guest blogging at about flash fiction story endings. Get tips on what NOT to do… (click image below for article)

Writers: Generating Story Characters with One Stop

Listen, I’ve never had any trouble coming up with my own story characters, thankyouverymuch. My stories are very character-driven. I see their pasts, their motivations, their fears and desires. I know everything about them, and I fall in love. Until I don’t. Until the day that I need a minor character and they need to […]

What does storytelling have to do with marketing?

If you are selling ANYTHING to others (a book, a product, a service), you need to grab onto this idea of using stories for marketing. And I’ve yet to see a better basic outline of how that works than this video by StoryBrand founder Donald Miller. He tells you why story works, how it works, […]

When writing at full speed, keep these checklists close

I’ve been around the writing and publishing world for decades. Years worth of Writer’s Digest magazines and blog posts and how-to books are in my head. After a while, you see the same things again and again. But that doesn’t make them any less true. Often, it’s more about having the one tip you need at […]

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Flash Fiction Tips Round-Up

A few months ago, I joined the staff of Splickety Publishing Group as their new Associate Acquisitions Editor. I’ve been a fan of flash fiction ever since I had kids. It’s been a great way to squeeze a little fiction into my busy day. But I tell you what: there’s nothing like being on the editor […]