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Divergent movie poster
Is Christianity fundamentally at odds with speculative fiction?

I came across an article that made the indirect point that religious readers want stories that reinforce their belief systems, and several elements of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc) are at odds with that. In his post Religion in Fiction, David Farland recounts his experience with a writer who wrote a science fiction story for the Mormon market. […]

7 Reasons to Support the Enclave Publishing Kickstarter

Why I decided to support the Enclave Publishing 2014 Fall Releases Kickstarter campaign — and why I think you should, too.

Death Has Come Up into Our Windows by Stant Litore
My first taste of the Zombie Bible series (book review)

A review of “Death Has Come Up into Our Windows” by Stant Litore. Biblical fiction with a zombie twist.