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Fairy tale or music video? Why choose?

Music video of “Dead Come to Life” with storytelling mixed in. Let’s think outside the box!

Aragorn by esteljf on
The Great Story Revising Debate of 2014

To revise or not to revise. That seems to be the question on the minds of fiction writers these days. Especially if you’re planning to publish your own work. What are the pros and cons? And why does it matter?

How Love Beats Traditional Marketing

Links to a video on how personal connection trumped the traditional approach to marketing creative endeavors. Success in the new industry landscape!

Serializing your novel and indie publishing

Came across this article and felt an immediate kinship with this author. As my writer peeps know, I’ve been planning to release my story(s) in serialized form, as “episodes”. Here’s the story of someone who did just that: Tips for Dividing Your Novel for Serialisation by Roz Morris Although she sounds like much more of […]