Teddi Deppner

I was born in the early ’70s. I grew up as a church-going, nerdy bookworm, and so far have become a wife, mom, thought leader and creative web publishing geek with too many irons in the fire. Currently I’m way too busy taking over the world to ramble on about myself. This will give you the general idea, and if you want to know me better come say hello on social media!


Since 1991
Freelance, Havok Publishing, Almost An Author, ToyPhotographers.com, NEC Electronics (technical writing), PlacerWeb, SureWest Communications
Published in local newspapers, trade journals, online blogs and magazines, Amazon.com

Internet Marketing

Since 1996
Freelance, Havok Publishing, PlacerWeb, SureWest Communications

Speaking / Teaching

Since 1993
NEC Electronics (internal training seminars), PlacerWeb, Placer School for Adults, SureWest Communications, Worldwide Church of God, Lincoln Christian Life Center, various trade organizations (Society for Technical Communications, International Association for Administrative Professionals, etc.), local organizations (rotary clubs, chambers of commerce, etc.), corporate training seminars

Web Design

Since 1995
Freelance at CreativeWebGuru.comHavok Publishing, PlacerWeb, SureWest Communications

Art & Illustration

Since 1991
A.A. Art, West Valley College, Saratoga, California
Freelance, NEC Electronics (technical illustration), PlacerWeb, online

Toy Photography

Since 2016
@teddi_toyworld and @mightysmallstories on Instagram, founder of family hobby website ToyHobbyFun.com, contributor at the Toy Photographers blog

Worship Leading

1996 – 2015, off and on
Lincoln Christian Life Center, Worldwide Church of God

Maker of Yummy Food

Delighting the palates of family and friends since I could reach the stove, or at least since I was 11 years old…


My life is lived outside the box, and even if there was a box it would be bigger on the inside. I dabble in the visual and verbal arts, but also love music and martial arts.


I get excited about a lot of things. This often results in unfinished projects, but I don’t mind. Life is an ongoing adventure and I’m living it to the full.


My time is fully committed to my family and home life, my friends and colleagues, and my hobbies. I wish I could be everywhere at once, but we all have to choose, don’t we?

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