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Illustration: In the Midst of the Storm

Someone dear to me asked me if I could do a sketch for them. They described it like this: I really liked that last part: “Holding the mast like on the cover of the musical, ‘Singing in the Rain’.” So I looked it up on Google Images and found this: And so it begins. A […]

Done: Flyer for local superhero gym

Fun illustration and graphic design piece: a flyer for our local superhero gym!

Some Days I Cry a River

Because some days are just like that. And then tomorrow comes.


I was all excited back in August and September. I thought I’d really jumped on board this whole “regular blogging” thing. Yeah. I’ve been wrong before. So what have I been up to since the blogging train derailed and the crickets took over my site? Glad you asked. Continuing Transition. Please Stand By. (Actually, keep […]

African darter, looking regal

Every so often I like to do something detailed and realistic. TIP: Whenever I’m going to include an animal as part of a comic book or illustration, I do studies from photographs first. Once I’ve immersed myself in the realistic details, it’s a lot easier to pick which elements to include or emphasize in a […]

Fruit bat gets away with the goods

Did this pen and ink piece for an art contest when I was much younger. Referencing this photo: (Sorry I don’t have photo credits; took it from some magazine a long time ago, in a galaxy–well, you know.)