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Are You Green? Or Yellow?

What was your first thought when you read the title of this post? Green, as in jealous?¬†Yellow, as in cowardly? That’s not what I’m talking about. Yep. I’m talking about sponges. You see, when I grab the sponge¬†at my sink and start washing a cup or a dish, I go straight for the green side. […]

Reaching towards the light
Hack and slash — for a better life?

A guest post from J. R. Blansett, editor and story collaborator extraordinaire. I got all active the day before yesterday and tackled my plants. With a knife. For real. Whacked some in half, whacked off the bottom third, ripped chunks of plants apart, then re-potted the little guys. They look good now. It’s been said […]

Do You Self-Edit Reality?

Yes. Yes, you do. And so do I. We all look at life through filters. You’ve probably heard the phrase “rose-colored glasses” used to describe people who are looking at life optimistically. Well, not every filter is as innocent and positive as that. Sometimes, we filter reality in such a way that it gets distorted. […]