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Like Mist Over the Eyes by Thea van Diepen
Help Me Find a Cure for an Insane Unicorn

Author and artist Thea van Diepen is crowdfunding her second book of the White Changeling series. I’m hoping you’ll find her work as delightful as I do and support her efforts. After all, a unicorn’s life (or at least its sanity) is on the line. I’m a big fan of her web comics and you […]

Writers: Generating Story Characters with One Stop

Listen, I’ve never had any trouble coming up with my own story characters, thankyouverymuch. My stories are very character-driven. I see their pasts, their motivations, their fears and desires. I know everything about them, and I fall in love. Until I don’t. Until the day that I need a minor character and they need to […]

Fairy tale or music video? Why choose?

Music video of “Dead Come to Life” with storytelling mixed in. Let’s think outside the box!

Books Read in 2015 and Reading List for 2016

It’s fun to see what our friends are reading. Despite my reluctance to do “what everyone else is doing” (somehow, I have a deep-seated desire to avoid what’s popular, even when there’s nothing wrong with it), here’s a list of what I read last year (more or less; I don’t keep close track of it). Maybe it […]

What does storytelling have to do with marketing?

If you are selling ANYTHING to others (a book, a product, a service), you need to grab onto this idea of using stories for marketing. And I’ve yet to see a better basic outline of how that works than this video by StoryBrand founder Donald Miller. He tells you why story works, how it works, […]

When writing at full speed, keep these checklists close

I’ve been around the writing and publishing world for decades. Years worth of Writer’s Digest magazines and blog posts and how-to books are in my head. After a while, you see the same things again and again. But that doesn’t make them any less true. Often, it’s more about having the one tip you need at […]