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Books Read in 2015 and Reading List for 2016

It’s fun to see what our friends are reading. Despite my reluctance to do “what everyone else is doing” (somehow, I have a deep-seated desire to avoid what’s popular, even when there’s nothing wrong with it), here’s a list of what I read last year (more or less; I don’t keep close track of it). Maybe it […]

Death Has Come Up into Our Windows by Stant Litore
My first taste of the Zombie Bible series (book review)

A review of “Death Has Come Up into Our Windows” by Stant Litore. Biblical fiction with a zombie twist.

Going deeper with God by going with the flow (book review)

Want a more fulfilling relationship with God? This will help. Book review: “Go with the Flow” by Brad Huebert.

Anna and the Dragon by Jill Domschot
Anna and the Dragon (book review)

My review of “Anna and the Dragon” by Jill Domschot. A subtle, surreal speculative piece.