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Is Christianity fundamentally at odds with speculative fiction?

I came across an article that made the indirect point that religious readers want stories that reinforce their belief systems, and several elements of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc) are at odds with that. In his post Religion in Fiction, David Farland recounts his experience with a writer who wrote a science fiction story for the Mormon market. […]

The Two Great Sins of Christian Fiction

It’s time for a revolution in Christian fiction. Or at least in the kinds of fiction Christians write. Let’s reach the world with truth and beauty and stop piddling around in our own front yard.

Christian Fiction: Missing the Mark

No wonder people don’t want to be Christians. Who wants to trade the freedom of the wild for the cages of the Zoo?

“Christian Fiction”: Identity Theft of the Worst Sort

“Christian” fiction is called such because it is fiction for Christians, right? Then why don’t I like it?

What’s Wrong with Christian Fiction?

Much of Christian fiction is crippled by the same problems as Christian films. What’s the problem?