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How to Know If It’s Time to Write a Novella

Novels have long been treated as the ultimate, most legitimate story form for fiction writers. Novels are still the dominant story form, but with the changes in reading tech other forms are gaining popularity. Transformation in technology over the past 20 years have created an entirely different landscape for creators of written entertainment. Readers now […]

Story Release: The Author Collector

I suppose most people would announce the release of an ebook on the day it actually came out, but I’ve never been one for following the crowd. Given that my marketing plan as an indie author involves writing a lot more before I focus on promoting my work, the release of my first story was […]

Limited Time: Time Travel Story Bundle (and a marketing idea)

First, the Vital Stats The Time Travel Story Bundle┬áhas a variable price. Pay at least $5: Get 6 titles Pay $14 or more: Get 12 titles (including a favorite of mine by Stant Litore!) If you are bargain savvy, and enjoy sci-fi, this is the kind of deal that will stretch your book dollars and […]

Self-Publishing: Where I am, Where I’m Going

Santa Cruz, California. I was at a family vacation and something of a personal writing retreat when I came across Kristen Lamb’s article, “Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors.” An excellent article and a good checklist for those considering or in the process of self-publishing. Her post got me thinking about where I’m at. In the […]

How Love Beats Traditional Marketing

Links to a video on how personal connection trumped the traditional approach to marketing creative endeavors. Success in the new industry landscape!

Change Your Mind or The Book Dies

Last month I wrote a guest post for agent Steve Laube’s blog, which he titled, “The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?” The article didn’t have anything to do with bread. It was about the future of books, the changing nature of publishing and the new forms and formats that authors, if they’re smart, need to […]