Writing photo by jjpacres on Flickr

Writing - photo by jjpacres on Flickr

You know how it is. Anything can become a reason to procrastinate.

If you’re feeling stuck because you’re not sure what to call your novel (or your article or your website or your small business), don’t let it stop the wheels of progress!

My philosophy on titles is this:

1) I have to call it something. “This book I’m working on” is vague and could be confused with “this other book I’m working on” if I have two going at the same time.

2) I’m going to call it something that inspires me during the development process. There’s nobody else I gotta please at this point. And if I think of something different or better halfway through, I will change it with impunity!

3) I’m going to mentally understand, but deliberately not think about the fact that the title may (likely) change later. For now, THIS working title is my reality.

So pick a name and move on. Onward, fellow creatives! Excelsior!

(Love you, Stan Lee!)


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