When Fictional Characters Blog

Everybody knows that they should have an author page. And a website for each book or series.

But have you considered that perhaps your main character might have a blog of his/her own? Or that your readers might want to play a mobile phone app related to your story world?

Here are a few websites to spark your creative thinking. Get your readers more involved with your story through supporting sites or products. The more they interact with you and your story world, the more engaged and loyal your readers become!

You may not have the resources for the full gamut of games and such offered by big TV networks, but you can certainly create buzz and fun for your readers if you find a good angle on a character blog.

The blog doesn’t even have to be written by your main character — in fact, it might be far more interesting from the perspective of your main character’s mother, or his cat, or a minor character with a unique way of looking at the story.

If you know of any other cool supporting websites for fiction stories, post them in the comments!



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