Ever wished you could paint a huge mural on the side of a building? Graffiti on an underpass wall?

What about brainstorming, do you like to brainstorm? Organize things visually?

Yeah, all that and more. Just discovered the beta of Mural.ly, a web service that allows you to create sprawling bulletin boards of images, sticky notes, titles, arrows, boxes, whatever. Drag and drop from online sources. Upload from your computer. Easy-peasy.

I did this quickie mural about Doctor Who just for fun:

Mural.ly - Doctor Who by Teddi Deppner

You could use it to put all your research for an article or school essay in one place. Just drag and drop the web pages that you’re using for sources into the browser tab where you logged into Mural.ly.

Trying to decide which computer you’re going to buy next? Drag and drop the ones you’ve found so far so you can check the prices again next week.

What about story-boarding your next novel?

The possibilities for this thing are as big as the universe. You can use it privately or collaborate with others. My Doctor Who mural (above) is public. Drop by and leave me a comment!


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