What is the “best time” and “ideal frequency” for your blogging schedule ? In the 15+ years I’ve been publishing Web content, I’ve seen fads come and go, ebb and flow, more times than I can count.

“Always” publish on Tuesdays.

“Never” publish on the weekend or holidays.

Publish short posts three times a week.

Publish long posts twice a month.

Does anybody really know what they’re talking about?

Well, yes and no.

They know what works for them. They may know some trends based on a set of statistical data. But that doesn’t mean it applies to you. Is their data based on the kinds of readers you have? Look closely. They may be looking at email open rates when what you need is feed reader browsing times.

Read the Experts, Then Go with Your Gut

That’s pretty much my approach to life, right there. If the expert advice doesn’t ring true for you or doesn’t seem to bring the results you want, don’t do it!

Afraid to swim against the stream? Want to know you have an expert opinion on your side? By the power vested in me from my 15+ years of web design, Internet marketing and publishing, I hereby grant you permission to publish on the schedule that feels right to you!

You are the master of your blog. The best thing you can do is experiment, measure your results, and keep experimenting, until you find what works for you.

When it comes to Internet publishing, do not be bound by somebody else’s rules. People are making new rules and breaking the norms every day — why not you?

Never, Ever Forget the King

It’s been said so often that it’s terribly cliche. Nonetheless, it’s true. Content is King.

I don’t care if your schedule is impeccable. I don’t care if your word count is precise. If your words don’t inform me, improve my life, inspire my heart and brighten my day, don’t press Publish. Toss that draft and try again.

Write something that matters.

(Hint: If it matters to you, it’s likely there are others like you out there who feel the same way. Just make sure that’s the reader you want to attract.)

I, Reader

When it comes to how I read blogs, here’s the lowdown:

Email Subscription. A very select few I subscribe to via email. My email inbox is too full already. It’s like how many friends can I realistically invite over to my house in one week? Just a few.  And yet no matter how much I love what you write, I only have so much time. Thus, your posts may remain unread in two simple cases:

1) If your blog posts aren’t consistently useful, inspiring or engaging then I will unsubscribe.

2) If you post too often, and I can’t keep up with you, I will end up deleting all of them except the most directly relevant to my life.

RSS Feed Reader. When I find wonderful blogs by great creative people (writers, illustrators, comic book creators, etc), I usually add these to my Feedly account. Honestly, I rarely have time to just sit and read through blogs, but at least this way if something reminds me of you or I’m in the mood for a particular kind of inspiration, I know where to find you.

Facebook. Although I originally used Facebook to keep in touch with childhood friends and family, recently I’ve made friends with a number of writers there. More and more often I’m reading blogs because writer friends have shared their posts and we have great discussions not only in the comment threads of blogs but also on Facebook. I did not expect this particular social media outlet to become a place for professional community and fellowship, but it has.

And You?

How many blogs do you actively keep up on? What types do you tend to subscribe to and how?

What do your own reading habits tell you about your potential readers? Drop a comment  below.

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Randy Juster · at

Great information. Thanks, Teddi!

    Teddi · at

    Hi, Randy! Great to see you here. You’re welcome! Glad to see you stepping into the blogging world with both feet. 😉

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