Have you ever run a marathon?

I just wrote a marathon. No, I didn’t write about a marathon. I just finished writing 50,000 words in the month of November. Actually, I did it in 21 days, because I wasn’t quite ready to start during that first week.

And now, like most people who have just finished a marathon, I’m spent. And I’m jazzed.

I’m so done. But I’m looking forward to the next time.

Which is tomorrow. Because this month hasn’t been about just writing 50,000 words. Not really. It’s about establishing a habit of writing every day.

And even though I won’t try to write as much (yes, my family thanks me for that concession) I am planning to keep writing every day.

God help me!


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Armigeress · at

I love you. Have I mentioned that? (For all those unsuspecting souls…no, it’s not *that* kind of love.) ;-p

    Teddi · at

    Ah, Armigeress, I love you, too! You are a big part of this accomplishment.

    And I think you should let the unsuspecting souls wonder! *grin*

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