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The titles speak for themselves:

Chapter 1: The First
Chapter 2: The Chapter Second
Chapter 3: The Chapter Which Cometh After the Second
Chapter 4: The Chapter Which Cometh After the Chapter that Succeeded the Second But Before the Chapter Fifth
Chapter 5: The Chapter Fifth
Chapter 6: In Which Things Happen
Chapter 7: In Which Yet More Things Happen
Chapter 8: In Which Fewer Things Happen and Our Devoted Readers Draw a Quick Breath
Chapter 9: Bet You Didn’t See THAT Coming, Did You?
Chapter 10: In Which Your Beloved Author Doth Put George R. R. Martin to Shame and Sendeth Him Home, Weeping, to His Mommy, at the Most Terrible Tragedies Which This Chapter Entaileth
Chapter 11: In Which the Readers Do Weep
Chapter 12: Bunnies
Chapter 13: In Which Seven More Perish
Chapter 14: In Which You Meet a Love Interest
Chapter 15: In Which the Love Interest Doth Tweaketh the Hero’s Mustache and is the Cause of Much Mayhem
Chapter 16: And We Are Not Talking About the Allstate Mascot Either
Chapter 17: REAL MAYHEM
Chapter 18: In Which the World Burns, and Other People Watch It

If you’re not smiling or laughing out loud by now, then move along. Apparently there’s nothing to see here. But as for me, I’m going to gush about the source of this hilarity.

Stant Litore: Where creativity knows no bounds

stant-litore2013So there’s this author guy named Stant Litore. He’s not just some friend from high school or writing class that I’m patting on the back because we’re friends. The dude inspires me. All. The. Time.

I saw him first on a panel discussing fiction and faith hosted by another author who is a friend of mine. His comments intrigued me. I read his books, loved his writing. It grabs you by the shoulders and drags you into another time and place. I found it lyrical and memorable. Vivid and provocative. And funny.

He was gracious enough to accept my friend request on Facebook and now I have his brilliance on tap, so to speak. Don’t be jealous. It could happen to you, too. [tweetthis url=”” size=”ttsm”]

Best Chapter Titles Ever

Stant’s friend Joseph Brassey is working the finishing touches for his next book, and off the cuff Stant comes up with these suggestions for the chapter titles (well, the book is 35 chapters long, so this is just the first half).

Chapter 10 especially made me Laugh Out Loud, although each one had me smiling.

And the world burning. [tweetthis url=””]

I think I want to write this book. Don’t you?

I hope Joseph doesn’t mind.

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Kristen Stieffel · at

LOL, Teddi. Monty Python-worthy, especially Chapter 4. 😀

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