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The Liebster Award

Fellow blogger and writer Bethany Jennings tagged me for this fun “award”. Thanks for thinking of me, Bethany. She has some fascinating book concepts — you can check out the blurbs about her works in progress on her website. Bethany shared this about the Liebster Award: “A Liebster is a ‘pay it forward’ sort of blogging chain mail. […]

“Evergreen Content” – Myth or Reality?

There’s a company called “Curata” that puts out some excellent data on the topic of content marketing. Their article Evergreen Content: How to Choose the Best Blog Topics by Sujan Patel (@sujanpatel) was too good to keep to myself. Content Marketing? I’m Not a Business, I’m a _______ Whether you’re an artist, photographer, author, filmmaker, retail store […]

The Myth of Precise Blog Scheduling

When it comes to Internet publishing, do not be bound by somebody else’s rules. People are making new rules and breaking the norms every day — why not you?

2 Great Ways to get Images for Your Blog without Violating Copyright

Two handy tools for finding images properly licensed for use on your blog (without violating copyright)

How Not to Be A Low-Down Dirty Photo Thief

Are you violating copyright laws with the photos you use on your blog? Don’t think you’re safe just because “everyone else is doing it.” Find out what’s legal and use photos that are licensed specifically for sharing.