NOTE: The projects that are “in the works” are currently in various stages of development. The time-til-launch could be anywhere from weeks to months. I already own the domains, have done the market research and have project outlines in place. If you’re interested in this one, sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be one of the first to know when it launches! (“The Holy Spirit for Non-Pentecostals”) is a bible study resource for Christians in non-Pentecostal denominations who want to learn about the Holy Spirit straight from the Scriptures themselves.

I grew up in a very decidedly non-Pentecostal church. As far as we were told, speaking in tongues was straight from the devil. I understand the hesitation and fear surrounding the topic, the dangers of heresy and “going off the deep end” spiritually.

I also know the hunger that grows inside a sincere seeker of the Lord when the traditions of the church keep me at a distance from Him. Somehow, you know that you’re missing something. That there’s something more.

(C’mon, there’s always more of God, no matter how long you’ve known Him. He’s big!)

The bulk of the manuscript for the book version of the site is already drafted. A good number of articles and pages for the site are written. Looking forward to getting it launched, as time allows.

UPDATE 4/11/2016: I’m probably going to launch this site under a different domain. The term “non-Pentecostal”, while descriptive, is defining someone with a negative and this isn’t the tone I want to set with this project. My latest idea is “The Holy Spirit for Every Day” or “The Holy Spirit for the Everyday Christian”, under the domain


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