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Sometimes when we take a stand for what we believe, people think we are intolerant or trying to push our views on everyone else. When I saw this graphic, I finally understood what I’ve felt all along.

I don’t want you to think like me.
I just want you to think.
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Open your eyes wide, and watch. Think about what you’ve seen, and then act — speak, sing, dance, paint, film, create!

Ideally, if your philosophy includes being a blessing to those around you, do these things out of faith, hope and above all — love!


sparksofember · at

Want to hear a story? Well, I’m telling it anyway! 😛

Quite a few months ago, someone I know posted an image on Facebook that stated some rather disturbing “facts.” I was intrigued and spent the next few hours researching said facts and ended up concluding that I doubted the validity of the claim. So I replied to the post with a comment regarding it being a debatable issue and 2 articles I had found that I felt were balanced & unbiased.

The person then deleted my comments and sent me a private message stating that while they appreciated my interaction, “I don’t want anyone on my friends list to get what I consider the misinformation you posted.” So apparently, none of her friends are capable of thinking for themselves and need to be protected from wild, crazy freethinkers like myself. *headdesk*

    Teddi · at

    Ouch! Well, at least you tried…

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