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I’m tired of fooling myself.

I’m tired of Christians who don’t believe God would use stories of blood, violence, sex and witchcraft to reach people with the truth.

I’m tired of non-Christians who dismiss the concept of God out of hand because somebody told them that “God is dead” and they thought it sounded cool.

I’m tired of scientists who refuse to see the clear evidence of supernatural phenomena.

I’m tired of church-goers who avoid all discussion of chi, aliens, or other strangeness because it is outside their comfortable churchy box.

Folks, I’m done.

If we open our eyes, we’ll see many wondrous things.

If we listen to those who have seen, and are truly willing to hear what they’re saying, we may wonder about many strange things.

Are you ready to wonder?

It’s a Choice

Have you ever considered how very arbitrary your beliefs are? You CHOOSE whether or not to believe in God — not because someone can prove He exists and not because anybody can prove He doesn’t exist. There is evidence for both sides. There is proof for neither.

The same goes for so many things in this life.

Admit it. It isn’t the facts that sway us. Reality isn’t determined by what we experience with our five senses.

We make a choice. And then our choice causes us to filter what we are seeing and hearing so that it fits with what we’ve already

chosen to believe. We are the censors of our own reality.

And throughout our lives, sometimes we encounter ideas… experiences… eye-witness accounts… evidence… that prompt us to re-evaluate our choices.

Sometimes, we change our minds.

An Invitation

All I’m asking is that when you’re with me, you’re willing to listen. To see. And to consider things outside your usual conclusions. Or perhaps to decide the things that you’ve wondered deep inside your heart could really be true. As you somehow knew they were, suspected they were, all along.

When we’re together here, in these words and the words of my stories, let us be willing to see each other. And see others. And wonder the great wonderings of life.

I’ll come with my ideas, you come with yours. And I believe the Source, Himself, will be here, too.

In the midst of us.


sparksofember · at

Have you seen that miniseries from a few months back on The Bible? I only got to see 2 episodes before Hubby accidently cleared the entire DVR but I really liked what I saw. It was real – and even the parts they changed or glossed over were interesting enough that I’d bet many people opened a Bible just to read more detail. (Like the angels in Sodom and Gomorrah, I really liked that part regardless of the liberties they took.)

    Teddi · at

    Didn’t see it, but heard good things about it.

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