Okay, listen — I totally reject the idea of a “midlife crisis”, both in general and specifically in my life! However, I was having trouble titling this post so you’d immediately know what I’m saying. Things are drastically different in my life.

The long version goes like this:

I have worked as a web design professional for over 15 years. During this time, I pursued my true creative passions (writing, art, music) in the background.

And then one day in March, I woke up.

And I realized: I’m a writer. I’m a creator. And here I am publishing the websites of others instead of my own. Why is that?

Part of the reason was that my husband had been laid off and was out of (regular full-time) work for 11 months. But now my husband is employed again. Yay!

A New Season

So it’s not a midlife crisis. I’m not middle-aged (that’s a couple decades away, by my measurement). There was no crisis. No tears and tantrums. No dramatic purchases or other absurdity.

But it is a new season.

I’m in transition.

Moving away from web design

There, I said it.

Out where everybody can see it. I’m moving away from doing web design for clients. I have drastically reduced my intake of new projects and am wrapping up the ones that are in progress.

Moving towards publishing original content

It would be easier if I could just say “Now I’m writing full-time”, but it’s more than that.

I have over a dozen different website projects in various stages of development. Yes, I’m writing them. But some of them involve graphic design, some involve photography.

Some are collecting, curating or editing great content.

Some are non-fiction, some are fiction projects. Some are for-profit and some are for fun or to make the world a better place.

Stay tuned…

Same bat-time, same bat-channel. I’ll post more here as I launch these other sites. If you’d like to be notified as things progress, sign up for my newsletter or put my site in your RSS feed reader. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Now the seasons are starting to look something more like this:

“Winter, Spring, Summer… ADVENTURE!”


Suzanne Thompson · at

Why have I not been following you? Well, remedy affixed, bring on the blog! 😉

    Suzanne Thompson · at

    Ugh, website address was wrong, sooooo take 2! I rremember you saying you were looking forward to this transition, hurray!

Ginny Yttrup · at

Yay! Go Teddi!

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