The Problem We All Face

The concept of my identity is central to my faith as a Christian. How I see myself makes a huge difference in how I speak, how I act, how I interact with others. For example, if I see myself as a low-down, no-good, rotten sinner who will never get any better, I tend to act that way. On the positive side, if I see myself as one who has been given dominion over my own emotions, I don’t let them dominate me.

As I think, so I am.

While this is true of my Christian journey, it is also true of people in general. We are all the products of how we see ourselves. Our lives and relationships with others all reflect the beliefs we have about who we are. This is borne out by psychology science and even by the common experience of the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. It’s why we can’t change our spouse or others around us if they themselves don’t want to change. Until they see themselves differently, nothing will change.

“In Christ” Starts an Avalanche

The Christian concept of learning who you are “in Christ” can be a completely life-changing journey, taking someone out of a life of shame, fear, and failure into a life of freedom, confidence, and peace regardless of circumstance. It also has a tendency to change your circumstance, because once you become who you were designed to be, you become a world-changer like your Creator and your world… changes. [tweetthis url=”http://ctt.ec/i7oUg” size=”ttsm”]

It’s a snowball effect that can reshape your life.

Meeting Your Maker

I find it fascinating that issues of self-identification are so prevalent in society today. Who am I? What gender am I? Why do I experience rejection? Whose fault is it? How do I make it better? So many people are searching for or trying to create that place of belonging, where they can be themselves and be loved and fulfill who they feel they truly are. 

My personal experience is that an encounter with the living God — a personal, communicating Spirit that one can know just as you know another human being — is the start of a transforming journey to discover and fulfill who you were truly designed to be.

Original Design, Highest Potential

So many things that people say are “hard-wired” into us are just putty in the Potter’s hands, once we are willing to trust Him enough to let Him show us our true potential. Changes that were impossible for us alone are suddenly within reach. Sometimes, we are surprised to discover who He designed us to be… and sometimes, it is exactly what we’ve yearned for all our lives.

Honestly, I am not here to tell you who God designed you to be. I’m not here to preach for or against your choices, your traits, your desires, your path. My personal hope is that you will encounter this Creator and allow His great love to heal any pain that has marked you, twisted you away from what you once were born to become. I pray that we’ll all allow His fierce passion to overcome the fear and selfishness that drive us off course from who He made us to be.

You hear that sound? He stands at the door and knocks.

Merry Christmas, friends. To all under the sun, may the Son shine bring light to your soul and make your path bright.


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