Last month I had another chance to guest blog at, under the monthly Splickety Sentinel column. In my role as associate acquisitions editor at Splickety, I’ve seen a lot of stories. I share some tips about how to engage a reader’s emotions in less than 1,000 words.

There were some examples I included with my article that didn’t get hyperlinked from the AaA site, so here’s the links that should have been there:

  • Voidrunner – This story covers decades of a life in 823 words. It also uses setting and repeated imagery to enhance the emotional impact.
  • The Circle of Life – This story contains the familiar emotions of a sibling helpless in the face of her sister’s selfishness and then turns it upside down.
  • Sparg – I first read this story in 2013, and will never forget it. So sad!

Click the image below to go to the full article.

Almost An Author - Packing an emotional punch in flash fiction


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