Many of my readers are Christians. Christians can be a challenging group to write to, because they’re not actually one group. They are many groups, and widely diverse.

Some Christians pretty much demand everything to be G-rated. Always.

Other Christians’ tastes don’t seem much different from non-Christians’, as far as entertainment and media content goes.

In the business and writing world, there are many useful conversations happening between people who have a variety of standards when it comes to what words are acceptable. I’ve been fascinated to watch swear words become far more common, both on prime time TV (cable channels, anyway) and in business blogs and online discussions. Of course, many standards are a lot looser online. But I even have some clients who swear on the phone — in a professional business conversation!

Personally, this doesn’t bother me. I don’t use that kind of language, myself, but it’s just a way for people to communicate their feelings.

The Question: Should I put some sort of rating on outbound links?

I’ve considered putting a small icon next to my outbound links

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to indicate a rating such as the movie rating system (G, PG, PG-13, R, etc). Of course, this would mean I need to look closely at the places I link to and determine the rating (ugh, more work on my part).

And it might actually be putting too much emphasis on something that’s not even issue.

Is there an unstated understanding that when you’re reading a blog — even a Christian’s blog — that the sites they link to might not share the linker’s standards or worldview? Or would you be shocked to find a word like sh** used on some blog that I link to?

Do you want a warning? Or is that overkill?

How do you feel about it? Comment below!



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