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pic of Lego Kanan
Toy Photography: The World Through Plastic Eyes

Mid-life crisis? Some might call it that. Letting go of one self-identity and exploring new things. Enter toy photography.

Manzanar: Never Again to Anyone, Anywhere

It’s hard to put into words the thoughts and feelings that I experienced when I visited the historical site of the Manzanar Relocation Center. Manzanar is one of 10 relocation centers (or internment camp) where the United States forcibly imprisoned Japanese and Japanese-American citizens after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s a place of […]

Dogfights Outside My Window

   There were dogfights in the air outside my window this morning. Apparently, hanging out a hummingbird feeder is the catalyst for war. Hummingbird war. #bestintentions #unintendedconsequences Your Turn Have you ever done something nice that caused a stir? Chime in below!

Photos: Santa Cruz Surfers

December weather is no obstacle to surfers in Santa Cruz, California. They have their wet suits, their boards, and they’ll get to the water and find the waves.  Start ’em Young We were on a promontory watching some surfers out in the waves, and this kid — maybe 12-14 years old — comes padding up […]

Signs of Fall

At long last, signs that autumn is taking hold, here in the Sacramento Valley of California! It is afternoon, and though the sun is out these dewdrops remain in the grass of my front lawn. Scattered like glinting rainbow stars throughout the faded green grass, they promise me that cooler weather is finally here. The seasons […]

Free Ladybug Facebook Cover & Profile Photo

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