Hummingbird flying up to feeder

Hummingbird at feeder Hummingbird lookout Hummingbird feeding

There were dogfights in the air outside my window this morning.

Apparently, hanging out a hummingbird feeder is the catalyst for war. Hummingbird war.

#bestintentions #unintendedconsequences

Your Turn

Have you ever done something nice that caused a stir? Chime in below!


Jenna B. · at

Yes! Oh, my. I went with a group to have mass with the pope in the Vatican for New Years. A friend couldn’t come, so when communion was passed I took an extra wafer to bring back to him. Riot!! Evidently Catholics believe that wafer *literally* becomes the flesh of Christ when you eat it, and it has to be carried in a special pure gold container. I was surrounded by a mob of angry Italians shouting things I didn’t understand but definitely got the gist of. Fortunately I’d befriended some old Italian birds next to me that spoke pigeon English; they explained my innocent stupidity to the masses, which agreed (presumably) to spare my life only if I ate that wafer there on the spot.

    Teddi · at

    WOW. Sounds like a close call. “Mob of angry Italians” at mass with the pope. LOL!

    Kai Chiaji · at

    Wow. I had not yet read your comment before mentioning riot gear. Lol

Kai Chiaji · at

Just the effort to inform people can make you double check the condition of your riot gear. I’ve certainly experienced unintentional consequences. A specific example would be the time my god daughter had a damaging hairstyle (like literally causing physical harm with more threatened). She begged me for help and instinctively I freed her. The problem was I didn’t ask her mother first. Mom had sacrificed greatly to provide the style at my God daughter’s insistence. I had the rare opportunity to experience just how unhappy her mom was when she cussed me the rest of the way out after dropping the phone she believed she disconnected… :/

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