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What does storytelling have to do with marketing?

If you are selling ANYTHING to others (a book, a product, a service), you need to grab onto this idea of using stories for marketing. And I’ve yet to see a better basic outline of how that works than this video by StoryBrand founder Donald Miller. He tells you why story works, how it works, […]

UPS brought me a book from the future

You didn’t know those big brown delivery trucks could do that, did you? Neither did I! But sure enough, this book is from the future. I checked the copyright date. Okay, okay… If you think something fishy is going on, you’re right. More of a sea mammal than a fish, but it smells fishy, anyway. I was already […]

Story Release: The Author Collector

I suppose most people would announce the release of an ebook on the day it actually came out, but I’ve never been one for following the crowd. Given that my marketing plan as an indie author involves writing a lot more before I focus on promoting my work, the release of my first story was […]

“Evergreen Content” – Myth or Reality?

There’s a company called “Curata” that puts out some excellent data on the topic of content marketing. Their article Evergreen Content: How to Choose the Best Blog Topics by Sujan Patel (@sujanpatel) was too good to keep to myself. Content Marketing? I’m Not a Business, I’m a _______ Whether you’re an artist, photographer, author, filmmaker, retail store […]

How to Make a Bad Impression
How to Make a Bad Impression as an Author

This is the last straw. When it happened the first time, I shrugged and kept my mouth shut. Then it happened again in the same week, and I thought, “Wow, that’s too bad.” But when it happened again, I barely curbed the urge to turn to a close friend and rant about this frustrating trend. What […]

Self-Publishing: Where I am, Where I’m Going

Santa Cruz, California. I was at a family vacation and something of a personal writing retreat when I came across Kristen Lamb’s article, “Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors.” An excellent article and a good checklist for those considering or in the process of self-publishing. Her post got me thinking about where I’m at. In the […]