Warning! If you don’t like putting half-naked, well-muscled guys in front of your eyes, skip this post!

One Life Bodybuilding

Customized WordPress website

This project was a refreshing break from the typical corporate website. My client is actually the girlfriend of the guy on the site, and she’s a joy to work with. I had so much fun making her vision for this workout website a reality.

Besides customizing a theme for them, I helped them improve their logo for use on the web and did the photoshopping (photo-editing) for the background and other graphics.

One Life Bodybuilding logo adjustments

Photo of Massa before and after

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Do some of those exercises for a while, and you’ll get all buff, too! But don’t ask me to do your website unless you’re female. My husband and I have agreed it’s best that from now on I limit my photo-editing buff guys in their underwear to family members. (Ha ha!)


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